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NuLL_Br3aker_2020 CTF Writeup

Hi Folks, We have recently participated in NuLL_Br3aker_2020 CTF, this is a walk through of simple Web challenges from Null breaker CTF, we are the one who solves all web category  challenges. which was a jeopardy style CTF. I’ve come across one of the Web challenges JWT  150 points (btw it is simple :-p). I would like to share my way of completing the challenge.

The Challenge named Json Web Tok3n, they have given a URL to proceed the challenge, by accessing it through browser, i got this

i was like what the heck is this ??, i slowly access all the api endpoints through browser, the three URL was
when i access , this was the response
ok cool , i proceed with other endpoints (api/notes) and below was the response

 and /api/verify

ok , the motive is we have to generate a JWT Token to authori…

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