Attacking PostgreSQL Database

 This is write up in which I’ll explain a vulnerability I recently found, and reported through Redhat Vulnerability Disclosure Program

Vulnerability Explanation:
PostgreSQL is a database that comes with MacOS X Lion, as a default standard database. According to wikipedia the majority of Linux distributions have the PostgreSQL in the supplied packages.So besides the regular databases (Oracle,MySQL etc.) there will be times as a penetration tester that we will need to assess and this database.

Network Mapping :
Lets say that we have perform a port scan on a server and we have identify that is running a PostgreSQL database at port 5432

Vulnerability Identification :
We will try a brute force attack in order to discover any weak credentials that will allow us then to connect to the database.We will open the metasploit framework and we will use the postgres_login scanner.

Now that we have a valid username and password we can use that to connect to the database by using a psql client.The first query that we want to execute is the select usename, passwd from pg_shadow; because it will return to us the password hashes of the database from the pg_shadow table.

Response From REDHAT

    Hope You liked this finding and i apologize for if there is any mistakes in this post. ☺

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